Student Council

Students council is one of the most active and robust committee in the college. The council has always been encouraging the creative pursuit of students. It  is formed as per University guidelines. Academic toppers from each and every department and representation from cultural, sports, NCC and NSS are made part of the council. Besides two women candidates are nominated by the Principal as Lady Representative . GS is elected out of these candidates by the council members.

Once the council is formed, its members indulge in activities and celebration with full enthusiasm.

Various days starting with friendship day, rose day, national youth day are observed with full gusto.

Teachers day is celebrated on a grand scale and enjoyed thoroughly by teachers and students.

Youth Parliament gives platform to the students to argue and make their points on various contemporary issues.

Students show their sharing and caring side by donating generously on being Generous Day, the proceed of the donation is  then given away to a NGO.

Entire year is kept eventful and buzzing with competitions, guest lectures and programs.