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About B.S. (IST)

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Sciences & Technology B.S. (IST) is a four year integrated degree course.
  • B.S. (IST) course started from academic Year 2009-10 in Thakur College
  • As per this framework the student have to study two years with Thakur College, India and will be transferred as a third year student to Penn State University, USA, for completion of their Bachelor of Science Degree in IST (Information Sciences & Technology), which they will receive from Penn State University.
  • This unique framework minimize the overall cost to great extent and offers excellent opportunity to the students.

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B.S. (IST) Inauguration

About Penn State University

The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a multi-campus public research university in Pennsylvania, USA and its instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, professional, and continuing and distance education informed by scholarship and research. Penn State was founded in 1855 and designated as the Commonwealth’s sole land-grant institution in 1863. Penn State’s metacarpus system offers more than 160 major and 1,200 clubs and organizations across their 20 undergraduate campuses. Penn State has awarded more than a half-million degrees, and has been Pennsylvania’s largest source of baccalaureate degrees at least since the 1930s.


7th in Top Research Universities Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index of Information Science/Studies – 2007 The 2007 index compiled overall institutional rankings on 375 universities that offer the Ph.D. degree. The index examines faculty members who are listed on a Ph.D. program’s Web sites and the productivity of each faculty member, based on factors such as books published, journal publications, citations of journal articles, federal-grant dollars awarded, and honors and awards.

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities
4th among Top 4000 Universities

Penn State

The Webometrics ranking has been designed to measure the global web presence and visibility of an institution. It is based on link analysis that combines the following information about the domain name of an institution: the number of external links it received (inlinks), the number of its Web pages, the size of its online publications, and the citation count of its scholars.

While Penn State’s ranking reflects its excellent global Web presence across all colleges, research institutes, and the faculty, it is especially reflective of the Web visibility of the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST). For instance, IST hosts CiteSeer, which is the first digital library that incorporates autonomous citation indexing. CiteSeer now contains over a million articles and continues to serve as a platform of choice for scholars around the world to conduct research related to search engine, Web mining, and social networks.

U.S. News & World Report America's Best Colleges 2009

  1. Top 50 Public National Universities : PENN STATE TIED FOR 15TH NATIONALLY
  2. Best Undergraduate Business Programs : PENN STATE TIED FOR 21ST NATIONALLY
  3. Undergraduate Business Specialties : Supply Chain Management/Logistics, PENN STATE RANKS 3RD
  4. Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs : PENN STATE TIED FOR 17TH NATIONALLY
  5. Undergraduate Engineering Specialties : Industrial/Manufacturing, PENN STATE RANKS 4TH


Penn StateOpened in 1999, the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) is Penn State’s visionary response to the rapidly growing need in almost every field for leadership in information sciences and related technologies.

This college is a community of scholars and practitioners – comprised of faculty, students, and partners – that values collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking.

Its collaborative efforts, in both education and research, are producing advances in technology and our understanding of the way IT shapes our lives.

It offers interdisciplinary programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, with courses designed to provide students with a broad knowledge base and the skills needed to address complex problems through technology. It offers two unique bachelor’s degree programs: Information Sciences and Technology, and Security and Risk Analysis.
Its graduates are in high demand across a spectrum of fields, as evidenced by a 94 percent cumulative placement rate. Its degrees take you where you want to go with information technology; IST graduates are finding satisfying work in business analysis, IT security, and risk services consulting, to name just a few.

Shaping these leaders of tomorrow is its highly renowned faculty, a diverse group of thought leaders in numerous fields including computer science, engineering, psychology, chemistry, artificial intelligence, and more. Through their varied expertise, they are jointly helping to guide and direct the course of development of the entire field of information sciences and technology.

Research in IST is impacting nearly every aspect of our lives: education, work, entertainment, health, safety, and national security. Fueling this research are dynamic partnerships college has made with corporations, government, and other learning institutions. These partners provide important connections for the exchange of data and information, the creation of new knowledge, opportunities for internships, and funding to support initiatives by IST faculty and graduate students.