Beyond Education

Literary Associations

  • Hindi Sahitya Parishad
  • Marathi Wangmay Mandal
  • English Literacy Club

These Association are led by a team of teachers with flair in the language. Various activities like debates, elocution and essay competitions are arranged to promote proficiency of students in the language of their liking. Students are also trained to take part in competitions at the Inter Collegiate level.

Nature Club

Promotes love for nature and creates environmental awareness by arranging field trips, study tours and seminars / Lectures by well-known personalities in the field of Environmental Science.

Thakur Chamber of Commerce

Arrange various activities related to commerce & business. Also helps in promoting College Industry Network by taking up projects. It also provides guidance for appearing at the board/ university examinations, as well as competitive examinations.

Science Association

TCSC Activities

Inculcates scientific temper in student by conducting Science workshops, Exhibitions and by organizing seminars. Students are also taken for visits to of Excellence in difference scientific Development.

Adults & Continuing Education Program

The college participates in Adult and Continuing Education program of the Dept. of Adult & Continuing Education & Extension, University of Mumbai. A grope of volunteers registered under this program undertake socially oriented activities in the area of the adult and continuing education. These students get the benefit of marks in the annual examination as per the university rules.

Planning Forum

Stimulates the interest of students in Economics & allied subject by arranging talks by expert and conducting discussion and debates on topical issues in Economics, Commerce, Financial Management and HRD.