Faculty Under Graduate Course - Commerce

  • Economics

    • Mrs. Nisha Bhatnagar (HOD)
      Qualification: M.A., M.Phil , B.Ed., M.Ed.
      Experience: 17yrs
    • Mr. S.K. Sahoo
      Qualification: M.A., B.ED., Ph.D, NET, L.L.B., 
      Experience:  10 yrs
    • Dr. Neha Goel
      Qualification:  M.A., B.ED., MBA(HR),PH.D.
      Experience:  8 years
    • Mrs. Jyoti Parimalsarkar
      Qualification:  M.A., M.PHIL, UGC-NET
      Experience:  3 months
    • Miss. Priti Vishwakarma
      Qualification:  M.A.
      Experience:  6 months
    • Miss. Kiranjit Kaurkalsi
      Qualification:  M.A.
      Experience:  1 yr
    • Ms. Sweety Singh
      Qualification:  M.A/ P.G.D.M.E
    • Mr. Yogendra Mandaliya
      Qualification:  M.A
  • Accounts

    • Mr. Sadiq Hasan
      Qualification: M.Com, B.Ed, Mba, M.Phil, M.A, Net
      Experience: 14yrs
    • Mr. Nishikant Jha
      Qualification: Icwa, MBA, M.Com, Phd, D.LITT(USA), CIMA ADV
      Experience: 15 yrs
    • Ms. Megha R Yadav
      Qualification: M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil, Set
      Experience: 15 yrs
    • Dr. Rajeshri Soni
      Qualification: M.com, Set, PGDFM, PH.D
      Experience:  11 yrs
    • Mr.Manoj K Mishra
      Qualification: M.Com, Net
      Experience: 11 yrs
    • Mr. Manoj L Mishra
      Qualification: M.Com, MBA, B.Ed, Net, Set
      Experience: 10 yrs
    • Ms. Ruchi Negi
      Qualification: M.Com, M.Phil
      Experience: 9 yrs
    • Mr. Nirav Goda
      Qualification: M.com, PGDFM, M.Phil
      Experience:8 yrs
    • CA. Swati Gupta
      Qualification: C.A, M.Com, UGC-Net, Dfm
      Experience: 8 yrs
    • C.A. Baijul Mehta
      Qualification: C.A, MBA. M.Com, SET, DTM
      Experience: 7 yrs
    • C.A. Sheetal Trivedi
      Qualification: C.A, M.Com, Set
      Experience: 7 yrs
    • Mr. Nimesh Jotaniya
      Qualification: M.com, Net, PGDFM, M.Phil
      Experience: 6 yrs
    • C.A. Rajesh Jha
      Qualification: ACA, M.Phil, M.com, UGC Net, JAIIB, NCFM
      Experience: 06 Yrs
    • C.A. Hiral Makwana
      Qualification:  C.A., M.com
      Experience: 2 years
    • Mr. Bhavik A. Upadhyay
      Qualification:  M.Com.
      Experience: 1 year
    • Sagar Shinde
      Qualification: M.Com, M.Phil, JRF-NET, SET
      Experience: 1 yr
    • Bharat Chaturvedi
      Qualification: M.com part 1, CA Inter
    • Amit Pandey
      Qualification: M.com, NET
  • Maths

    • Refer faculty members from science
  • EVS

    • Mrs. Priti Gupta (HOD)
      Qualification:  M.A., Ph.D
      Experience:  20 yrs
    • Ms. Jueelee Patil
      Qualification:  M.Sc., B.Ed, SET 
      Experience: 7 yrs
  • FC

    • Mrs. Priti Gupta
      Qualification:  M.A., Ph.D
      Experience:  19 yrs
    • Ms. Jueelee Patil
      Qualification:  M.Sc., B.Ed, SET 
      Experience:  1 yr (PG), 6 yrs (UG)
    • Mr. Surve Suresh M.
      Qualification:  M.A., NET 
      Experience:  7 yrs
    • Mrs. Nitisha Kumar.
      Qualification:  BCCA, MBA, UGC-NET,  
      Experience:  4 yrs
  • Business Communication

    • Ms. Rama Ray  (HOD)
      Qualification:  M.A.(Eng, Pol. Sci.), S.E.T (English)
      Experience:  5 yrs P.G and 19 yrs U.G.
    • Ms. Aparna B. Chaudhari
      Qualification: M.A. (Eng.)
      Experience: 7 yrs
    • Ms. Mithu Joaradar
      Qualification: M.Com
      Experience: 4 yrs
    • Ms. Padmini N. Naidu
      Qualification: M.A. (Eng.), M.A. (Edu.), B.Ed.
      Experience: 1 yrs
    • Ms. Akanksha S. Tiwari
      Qualification: M.A. (Eng. Literature)
    • Ms. Mithu Joardar (Visiting)
      Qualification: M.A.
  • Commerce

    • Dr. Parul Singhal  (HOD)
      Qualification: M.B.A, NET, Ph.D.
      Experience:  9 yrs
    • Mrs. Rashmi Shetty
      Qualification: M.Com.,MBA, SLET 
      Experience: 2 yr (PG), 12 yrs (UG)
    • Mrs. Manju Singhania
      Qualification:  B.Com, M.Com, M.B.A.(HR), UGC-NET, M.Phil. 
      Experience: 2 years (PG), 13 yrs (UG)
    • Ms. Mili Sharma
      Qualification:  M.Com, SET, MBA (IGNOU)
      Experience: 9 yrs
    • Ms. Reshma Parab 
      Qualification:  M.Com, C.F.A., D.B.F, B.Ed, Pursuing Ph.D
      Experience: 7 yrs
    • Mrs. Rashmi Jijish Karanath
      Qualification:  M.Com, B.Ed., ADWCC, PGDBA, NET, SET.
      Experience: 10 yrs (PG), 10 yrs (UG)
    • Ms. Deepa Shivaji Jamindar
      Qualification:  M.Com, B.Ed., SET, NET, MPhil., Pursuing Ph.D.
      Experience: 10 yrs
    • Mr. Mohammed Hasim Khan
      Qualification: MBA (Marketing)
      Experience:  1 yrs
  • Business Law

    • Mrs. Amrita Sangal
      Qualification:  M.A., L.L.M.
      Experience: 1 yr
    • Ms. Hansa Bhargav
      Qualification:  B.A., L.L.M.
      Experience: -
    • Ms. Manshi Chandarana
      Qualification:  M.Com. / C.S.
      Experience: -
  • Financial Market

    • Mrs. Rashmi Shetty (HOD)
      Qualification:  M.Com, SET, SLET , MBA(m Finance)
      Experience: 12 yrs
    • Ms. Nikita Valia(Visiting Faculty)
      Qualification:  M.Com., (Acct. & Fin.), CFP
      Experience: 2 yrs
    • Venktesh S(Visiting Faculty)
      Qualification:  B.Com, CAIIB, Ex Banker
      Experience: 10 yrs
  • Bachelor Management Studies

    • Mrs. Rakhi Bahttacharya
      Qualification:  B.Com (Hons), M.Com, PGDBM, SET (Commerce), Pursuing Ph.D
      Experience: 5 yrs (PG), 10 yrs (UG)
    • Mrs. Rupal Shroff 
      Qualification:  B.Com, MMM (Marketing), UGC- NET (Management), Ph.D
      Experience: 8 yrs
    • Mrs. Rakhee Pathak 
      Qualification: BA (Management), MBA (HR & Marketing), UGC- NET (Management), Pursuing Ph.D
      Experience: 8 yrs
    • Mr. Vimal Kumar Mistry
      Qualification: M.COM, MBA (FINANCE) , UGC-NET, Purusing Ph.D.
      Experience:  1 yr (PG), 8 yrs (UG)
    • Mrs. Nitisha Kumar
      Qualification: BCCA, MBA (FINANCE & HR) , UGC-NET(MANAGEMENT, COMMERCE) Purusing Ph.D.
      Experience:  5 yrs
    • Viral Doshi
      Qualification:MBA Fin & HR
      Experience:  4 yr
  • Banking & Insurance

    • Mr. Neerav R. Goda (HOD)
      Qualification: M.Com., PGDFM
      Experience:  7 yrs
  • BIM

    • Mrs. Rashmi Jijish Karanath (HOD)
      Qualification:  Mcom, B.Ed, ADWCC, PGDBA, NET, SET
      Experience: 10years UG, 10years PG
  • Accounting Finance

    • Dr. Nishikant Jha (Co-ordinator/ HOD)
      Qualification: M.Com, Ph.D., D.Litt. (USA), ICWA, PGDBM, Executive MBA, CIMA Advocate (U.K.), Research Guide for Ph.D. and M.Phil. Mumbai University
      Experience: 18 yrs (UG) and 12 yrs (PG)
    •  Mohammed Sadiq Hasan
      Qualification: M.Com, B. Ed, MBA(Finance), MA(Economics), M. Phil., UGC-NET
      Experience: 14 yrs
    •  Sagar Uttam Shinde
      Qualification: M.Com, M. Phil., PGDFM, JRF-NET, MH-SET Pursuing Ph. D. Mumbai University
      Experience: 2 yrs
    •  Ms Mumtaz Shaikh
      Qualification: M.Com., M. Phil., Pursuing Ph. D.- Mumbai University
      Experience: 10 yrs (UG), 1 yr (PG)
    •  Pratiksha Amin
      Qualification: M.Com.
      Experience: 3 yrs
  • Bachelor Mass Media

    • Mr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari  (HOD)
      Qualification: Master in Communication & Journalism., NET
      Experience: 8 yrs teaching, 2 yr public relation & consultancy. 
    • Mrs. Divya Narang
      Qualification: Masters in Mass Communication, MA (Economics), NET., Diploma in TV Journalism, P.G. Diploma in Radio Broadcasting, B.Ed
      Experience: 6 years in Media Industry,worked with NDTV and IBN7 as an Output Editor and Anchor/Reporter, 6 years as media academician
    • Mr. Atish Singh
      Qualification: MA & M. Phil in History, MBA in Marketing & Diploma in Travel and Tourism
      Experience: 4 Years in Equity Market, worked with ICICICDIRECT.COM as an investment advisor, 8 years in teaching
    • Ms. Pragati Kamath
      Qualification: MBA in Human Resource Management
      Experience: 1 year in teaching
    • Ms. Zeba Khan
      Qualification: M.Com (E-Commerce)
      Experience: 1 year in teaching
  • Human Science

    • Dr. RITU ARORA (HOD)

      Experience: 4 yrs