Bachelor of Arts Film Television & New media Production


Candidates for being eligible for admission to the three-year integrated course leading to the Degree of BA (Film, Television & New Media Production), shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Academic or Vocational Stream) conducted by different Divisional Boards of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or an Examinations of any another University or Body recognized as equivalent thereof by the Senate of the University of Mumbai.

Student from Thakur Junior College who have acquired eligibility will be given preference and will be admitted first.

 First Year:

1.1 Initiation to Literature and Creative Writing 2.1 Writing For Visual
1.2 Understanding Effective Communication 2.2 Concept of Story Boarding
1.3 Introduction to History of Arts- I 2.3 Introduction to History of Arts- II
1.4 Basics of Photography 2.4 Basics of Cinematography I
1.5 Introduction to Cinema and Film Appreciation 2.5 Understanding Television Format and Genres
1.6 Basics of Practical Film Making-I 2.6 Basics of Practical Film Making-II

Second Year

3.1 Introduction to Direction for Television 4.1 Introduction to Direction for Films
3.2 Important of Sound and &Sound Special Effects 4.2 Introduction to Media Theory
3.3 Current Affairs 4.3 Concept of Post Production and Computer Graphics II
3.4 Concept of Post Production and Computer Graphics I 4.4 Basics of Visual Effects and Compositing
3.5 Basics of Cinematography II 4.5 Understanding Advertisement Film Making
3.6 Intermediate Practical Film Making I 4.6 Intermediate Practical Film Making II

Third Year

5.1 Media Laws – An Overview 6.1 Final Project (Portfolio &Thesis)
5.2 Overview-Business Media
5.3 Basics of Marketing and Publicity Design
5.4 Introduction to Media Project Management
5.5 Introduction to Trends and Technology in
Film & Television
5.6 Advanced Practical Film Making