University of the Fraser Valley - General Mapping


This Transfer Statement addresses the admission requirements for students transferring to UFV after two years of study at Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Mumbai University (“TCSC”) in TCSC’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Sciences & Technology B.S. (IST). In addition to the requirements described below, all TCSC students will need to meet UFV’s English Proficiency Requirements and have an accumulated GPA of 2.5.

UFV’s English language requirements for study in academic programs are as follows:
IELTS – overall score of 6.5 with a minimum band score of 6.0
TOEFL - Overall 88 (iBT) with no section below 20. 

Students whose language proficiency score is less than that specified above will be required to take one full term of English upgrading, providing the applicant has a minimum language score as follows:
IELTS – overall score of 6.0 with a minimum band score of 5.5
TOEFL - score of 79 (iBT)

Completion of UFV’s Requirements for a CIS Degree

TCSC students who wish to continue their studies at UFV to meet UFV’s CISdegree requirements will need to make formal application to UFV’s CIS Degree in order to be admitted to the degree program. The degree pathway for TCSC’s IST students who elect to complete a CIS degree at UFV will be as follows:

Prerequisites & Transfer Credit

TCSC students coming to study at UFV’s CIS program will be admitted to study at the 3rd year level providing they meet UFV’s English language requirements and have successfully completedthe TCSCcourses as indicated in Appendix I of this agreement with a 2.5 GPA. They will receive a maximum of 60 transfer credits to UFV.

UFV Degree Pathway

Students should have completed sufficientTCSC transfer courses to provide for 60 transfer credits as indicated in Appendix I. Assuming Thakur students meet all the above conditions, they will take UFV courses identified in Appendix IIin order to complete a UFV degree in Computer Information Systems.


  • That all students must satisfy UFV’s “residency requirement” by taking at least 30 credits from UFV to receive a UFVdegree.
  • That in order to qualify for a UFV degree Major,at least 15 upper level credits in the discipline of the Major must be completed at UFV.
  • That TCSC students who apply to UFV who do not have the transfer credit package as outlined in Appendix I will not be accepted under this agreement and their applications will be assessed on an individual basis in order to determine if they will be admitted to UFV and what transfer credit they may be assigned.
  • That students transferring to UFV under this agreement MUST successfullycomplete two academic terms of full-time study at UFV before they will have the Co-op option available to them.