Penn State - B.S. (I.S.T) General Information

Understanding the Evaluation of Transferable Credit Form

The enclosed Evaluation of transferable credit form is a record of your cumulative Evaluation of transferable credit. Use the information below to help you understand this form.

Completed Courses

The credits listed are for courses completed at other regionally accredited institution(s) in which you received a grade of C (2.0) or higher.

Scheduled courses

Courses in which you are currently enrolled and those you have indicated that you plan to complete before enrolling at Penn state are also listed on the form. E valuation of scheduled courses will be revised as appropriate upon receipt of final, official transcripts. Scheduled courses will not appear on your Penn state transcript until we have received and reviewed the final, official transcript. (See Condition of our offer of Admission.)

Unsatisfactory courses

Transfer credits for courses in which you received a grade below C (2.0) will not be transferred to penn state.

Course grades

Course grades are not transferred to you penn state record and will not be included in the computation of your grade-point average at penn state

Courses taken on a pass/fail and satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis

Transfer credit for courses taken on a pass/ fail or satisfactory/ unsatisfactory basis can be considered only if we have official verification from the college or university that the grades earned were equivalent to C (2.0) or higher.

Credit by examination at other schools

Credit for courses taken through the credit by examination program at another school typically cannot be transferred to penn state. However, you may request a review of these courses. Official confirmation from the college or university that the grades earned were equivalent to a C (2.0) or higher must accompany your request.

Course equivalents and general credit

You will note that transferable credits are indicated as either specific penn state course equivalents with a three-digit course identification number or as general credits, indicated with GEN. penn state course credit is listed when course work taken at another school is substantially equivalent to a specific penn state course. General credit is assigned when a course from another school carries a different number of credits, is a 400-level (upper-level) course, or the course content appears to be substantially different from a penn state course. Ask your academic adviser how course transferred as GEN might work to fulfill degree requirements.

Credit hours

Penn state awards semester hours of credit, and your transferable credits are listed in semester credits. If you attended a school on a quarter-hour system, your quarter credits have been multiplied by two- thirds to convert them to semester hours of credit. Any fractional credits resulting from this conversion are totaled under general miscellaneous credits (GMISC) as fractional transfer credits (FRACTNL TRANS CR).

How transferable credits may be used at penn state

Transferable credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements as well as general education requirements as well as general education requirements and are applied to a student’s program of study at the discretion of the college of enrollment. Use of credit in fulfilling degree requirements for a specific major will be determined by the policies of the college of enrollment. Credit granted for associate degree courses may not be applicable toward a particular baccalaureate degree program. Students must earn 36 of the last 60 credits of an associate degree program or 18 of the last 30 credits of an associate degree program at penn state.

For More Information

For more information about how your transferable about how your transferable credit meets degree requirements, contact penn state college. if you have question about the transferable credit evaluation, please contact the under graduate Admission office at university park.


On-campus housing is not guaranteed for transfer students.

The following penn state campuses offer on- campus housing: University Park, Altoona, Beaver, berks, Erie, Greater Allegheny, Harrisburg, Hazleton, Mont Alto, and Schuylkill.

If you want to be considered for on-campus housing and have been admitted to one of the campuses named above, contact the Housing Office at your campus to request information about housing availability.

Health Services

If you have any health problems (physical or emotional) that limit your activity, please notify University Health Services of your situation and anticipated needs as soon as possible.

For additional information about Health Services For students,visit our Web site at:

Disability Services

For information about University services for student with disabilities at University Park, contact the office for disability Services at 814-863-1807 (vice or TTY / TDD) or visit our web site at For information about university services fir students with disabilities at campuses other then University Park, visit our Web site at: