Bachelor of Science-Aviation (B.Sc. Aviation)

Courses Offered - Bachelor of Science-Aviation (B.Sc. Aviation)

Intake Capacity: 60 Students

Eligibility :

For Fresh Students
1. Candidate must have passed the HSC (std:XII) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Sec. & Higher Sec. Education, Pune or equivalent.
2. Class II Medical Certificate from DGCA approved Medical doctor.

For CPL Holders
1. Valid current C P L with class I medical certificate from DGCA Medical centres.

Duration of the Course:
This Course shall be a full time course. The duration of the course will be 3 years.

Course Details:

First Year
Second Year
1. Air Regulations 1. Air Regulations
2. Navigation (General) 2. Navigations
3. Meteorology (General) 3. Meteorology
4. Aircraft & Engines (General) 4. Aircraft & Engines
5. Flying Experience/Flying check (Practicals) 5. Flying Experience/Flying check (Practicals)

Third Year
1. Air Regulations 1. Crew Resources Management & Flight Safety
2. Navigation 2. Aviation Medicine
3. Meteorology 3. Aviation Security & Human Factor
4. Airframes & Engines 4. Air Traffic Control & Management


Scheme of Evaluation:

  1. There shall be an examination at the end of the end of each year of the course. College will conduct the examinations at the end of First & second year. The final examination at the end of the Third year for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Aviation) shall be conducted by the University.
  2. The passing percentage for theory & practical at F.Y. / S.Y / T.Y.B.Sc examination will be 35%. (UG / 180 of 2004 dt.10.05.2004 & UG / 145 of 2005 dt.21.04.05).
  3. The passing percentage at the examination conducted by the DGCA (Refer to Terms & Conditions) will be 70% or as determined by the DGCA from time to time. (UG / 180 of 2004 dt.10.05.2004 & UG / 145 of 2005 dt.21.04.05).