Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Intake Capacity: 180 Students

Admission Guidelines :

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the B.M.S. degree course shall have passed the H.S.C.(Std. XII) examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or its as equivalent examination or a diploma in any engineering branch conducted by the Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra State with two years or three years or four years duration after passing S.S.C. examination or its equivalent.

No college shall conduct any entrance test in any form and the admissions are purely based on merit duly following the reservation policy as per the norms of Govt. of Maharashtra. While drawing merit list, weightage has to be given to students from Arts, Science Stream at XII Standard level. The stream-wise weightage to be given is as under.

Stream Commerce Arts Science Diploma in Engineering and Other
Percentage   45% 25% 25% 5%

Student from another University or Board of Secondary or Intermediate Education or any other Statutory examining body must read O.111 under admission guidelines as mentioned in the college prospectus.

Duration of the Course:

The course shall be a full time course. The duration of the course shall be six semesters spread over in 3 years.

Awarding Authority:

University Of Mumbai.


F.Y. B.M.S Program

Semester I Semester II
  • Foundations of Human Skills
  • Introduction to Financial Accounts
  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Business Environment
  • Industrial Law
  • Computer Applications in Business
  • Managerial Economics – I
  • Business Mathematics
  • Introduction to Cost Accounting
  • Environmental Management

S.Y. B.M.S Program

Semester III Semester IV
  • Management Accounting
  • Managerial Economics – II
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Aspects in Banking & Insurance
  • Production Management & Materials Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Productivity and Quality Management
  • Direct & Indirect Taxes
  • Export Import Procedure & Documentation
  • Cooperatives & Rural Markets
  • Research Methods in Business
  • Public Relations Management

T.Y. B.M.S Program

Semester V Semester VI
  • Human Resources Management
  • Service Sector Management
  • Financial Management
  • Elements of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
    Elective Courses:
  • Special Studies in Marketing
    OR Special Studies in Finance
  • Project Work
  • Entrepreneurship & Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Operations Research
  • International Finance
  • Indian Management - Thoughts and Practices
  • International Marketing
  • Retail Management OR Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management


Assessment Pattern:

Assessment Pattern (for T.Y.B.M.S. and S.Y. B.M.S.)
A) Internal Assessment - 40 Marks
The allocation of 40 marks shall be as follows:

No. Particulars Marks
1 Two best of two periodical class tests held in the semester. 10 Marks
2 Two assignments with class presentations to bea ssessed by the teacher concerned. 20 Marks
3 Attendance and Class Participation 10 Marks

• Duration - This examination shall be of 2 Hrs. duration.
• Question paper pattern

SECTION I (Compulsory - 30 marks)
No. Marks
Q-1 Concept Testing - based on entire syllabus 15 Marks
Q-2 Case study/Problem/Application 15 Marks

SECTION II ( 30 marks - Any 3 Qs Out of 4 Qs)

4 Questions carrying 10marks each should cover all the 4 units.



A) Internal Assessment – 40% 40 Marks

1. For Courses without practical.

Sr. No. Particulars Marks
1 Two periodical class tests/ case study / online examination to be conducted in the given semester 20 Marks
2 One assignment based on curriculum to be assessed by the teacher concerned 10 Marks
3 Active participation in routine class instructional deliveries 05 Marks
4 Overall conduct as a responsible learner, mannerism and articulation and exhibit of leadership qualities in organizing related academic actives 05 Marks


COE_EXAM Approved by A. C. & M. C. _Manual_Commerce_June, 2011 Page 79 of 84

2. For Courses with Practical.

Sr. No. Particulars Marks
1 Semester End Practical Examination 20 Marks
Journal 05 Marks
Viva Voce 05 Marks
Laboratory Work 10 Marks
2. One assignment/project with class presentation to be assessed by teacher concerned 10 Marks
Presentation 05 Marks
Written Document 05 Marks
3 Active participation in routine class instructional deliveries 05 Marks
4 Overall conduct as a responsible learner, mannerism and articulation and exhibit of leadership qualities in organizing related academic actives 05 Marks

The PERFORMANCE GRADING of the learners shall be on the SEVEN point ranking system as under:

Grade Marks Grade Points
O 70 & above 7
A 60 to 69.99 6
B 55 to 59.99 5
C 50 to 54.99 4
D 45 to 49.99 3
E 40 to 44.99 2
F (Fail) 39.99 & below 1


The performance grading shall be based on the aggregate performance of Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination.