Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Courses Offered - Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Eligibility :

  • Admission of First Year B.Com / B.Com (Accounting & finance) / B.Com (Banking & Insurance) classes are offered following the declaration of result of HSC examination (STD XII) by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
  • Admission are granted as per the statutes and direction issued by the University of Mumbai from time to time.
  • Candidates who have passed the HSC examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Commerce and science stream are eligible for admission to F.Y.B.Com. Class.
  • All admission are provisional, subject to the approval of the University of Mumbai.
  • Student from Thakur Junior College who have acquired eligibility will be given preference and will be admitted first.
  • Student of this college who have qualified for admission to higher class will be admitted to such class only if an application in the prescribed from duly completed, has been received with necessary fees within ONE WEEK from the date of declaration of the result of the qualifying examination.
  • Students from other boards of Universities seeking admission to any of the classes in Degree College will be considered for admission only on production of a Provisional Eligibility Certificate issued by the Registrar, University of Mumbai. Admission will not be granted without the said certificate, under any circumstances. Such student should submit a Migration. Certificate, Statement of Marks and Passing Certificate in original within two months from the date of admission failing which their admission is liable to be cancelled.
  • Student from other colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, who are seeking admission to Second and Third year of B.Com class will be admitted provisionally on production of ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the principal of the college last attended. Their admission will be conformed only on receipt of the transference Certificate (T.C.) from the previous college. For this purpose, they should submit an application from along with T.C. fee to the college at the time of admission.
  • The college is granted Minority Status under Article 30 (1) of the constitution of India by vide GR no. ASN 1099 / LANG /(278/99) / MASHI-3 dt. 1st Oct, 1999. As per the rule applicable to educational institution granted Minority States, not more than 50% seat5s will be allotted to candidates whose mother tongue is Hindi.

Course Details:

F.Y.B.Com Program

Semester I Semester II
  • 1.1 Accountancy & Financial Management -I
  • 1.2 Commerce -I (Introduction to Business)
  • 1.3 Business Economics -I
  • 1 4 Business Communication - I
  • 1.5 Environmental Studies - I
  • 1.6 Mathematical & Statistical Techniques-I
  • 1.7 Foundation Course -I.
  • 2.1 Accountancy & Financial Management -II
  • 2.2 Commerce –II (Introduction to Service Sector)
  • 2.3 Business Economics -II
  • 2.4 Business Communication - II
  • 2.5 Environmental Studies-II
  • 2.6 Mathematical & Statistical Techniques - II
  • 2.7 Foundation Course –I.

S.Y.B.Com Program

Semester III Semester IV
  • 3.1 Accountancy & Financial Management -III
  • 3.2 Commerce - III ( Principles of Management)
  • 3.3 Business Economics -III
  • 3.4 Business Law - I
  • 3.5 Foundation Course-II
    Applied Component Course
  • 3.6 Advertising or Computer Programming.
  • 4.1 Accountancy & Financial Management -IV
  • 4.2 Commerce -IV(Principles of Management &
  • 4.3 Business Economics –IV
  • 4.4 Business Law -I
  • 4.5 Foundation Course -II
    Applied Component Courses
  • 4.5 Advertising or Computer Programming.

T.Y.B.Com Program

Semester V Semester VI
  • 5.1 Financial Accounting & Auditing V
  • 5.1. Financial Accounting & Auditing - VI
  • 5.2. Management Accounting VII
    (Related Applied Component)
  • 5.4.Commerce - V
    (Marketing & Human Resources Management)
  • 5.5. Business Economics - V
    Applied Component Courses
  • 5.6. Direct and Indirect Taxes Paper I
    (Direct Taxes)
  • 5.7. Export Marketing, or Computer Systems & Application.
  • 6.1.Financial Accounting & Auditing (FA) Paper VIII
  • 6.2.Financial Accounting & Auditing Paper IX
  • 6.3.Management Accounting Paper X (related
    applied component)
  • 6.4.Commerce VI
    (Marketing & Human Resource
  • 6.5.Business Economics VI
    Applied Component Courses
  • 6.6.Direct and indirect taxes Paper II(Indirect
  • 6.7.Export Marketing, or Computer Systems &

Scheme of Evaluation:

  1. All Examinations are conducted as per the rules laid down by the University of Mumbai
  2. Being affiliated to the University of Mumbai, the college conducts the first year and second year examinations on behalf of the University.
  3. The preliminary examination for the T.Y.B.Com./T.Y.Bsc. students is compulsory. The college reserve the right to withdraw the examination form submitted to the University in case of a student whose performance at the preliminary examination is not satisfactory.